China 4G/5G SIM Card

GreatWallSIM makes it easy for travelers to connect to the internet while in China with our 4G/5G Data Plans.

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3 Chinese Carriers

China Unicom SIM Card

China Mobile SIM Card

China Telecom SIM Card

Data Package

Pay as you go

Enjoy high-speed 4G LTE data

  • 10GB - 1 Month $14.99

    $1.50 per GB

  • 30GB - 30 Days $34.99

    $1.16 per GB

  • 60GB - 30 Days $44.99

    $0.75 per GB

  • 100GB - 30 Days $62.99

    $0.63 per GB

  • 300GB - 90 Days $189.99

    $0.63 per GB

Why GreatWallSIM?

GreatWallSIM is dedicated to providing top-notch China SIM card services, with a primary focus on ensuring a seamless experience for travelers. Since our inception, we’ve been committed to enabling tourists to enjoy home-like internet surfing without concerns about data limits. In 2015, we introduced our groundbreaking unlimited data SIM card. Our SIM is highly compatible with a wide range of devices, ensuring hassle-free use in China. Whether you’re in an area covered by 4G or the latest 5G networks, our SIM lets you indulge in high-speed internet surfing throughout your travels in China.

Local China SIM

Issued by three local Chinese carriers.

No Contract, Pay-as-you-go

No hidden fees, Pay-As-You-Go.

Support All Devices

Fits any unlocked devices, including smartphones, tablets and hotspots using Nano, Micro, and Standard size SIM cards.

4G/5G Networks

Enjoy speedy internet browsing all over China, whether in a 4G or the latest 5G-covered area with our service.

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