China 4G Data SIM

GreatWallSIM provides China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom 4G Data SIMs so that travelers can simply connect to the internet while traveling in China.

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3 Chinese Operators

China Unicom SIM Card

China Mobile SIM Card

China Telecom SIM Card

Data Package

Pay as you go

Enjoy high-speed 4G LTE data

  • 10GB - 1 Month $14.99

    $1.50 per GB

  • 30GB - 30 Days $34.99

    $1.16 per GB

  • 60GB - 30 Days $44.99

    $0.75 per GB

  • 100GB - 30 Days $62.99

    $0.63 per GB

  • 300GB - 90 Days $189.99

    $0.63 per GB

Why GreatWallSIM?

GreatWallSIM provides low-priced China 4G data SIMs that you can’t find in any other place. 

Local China SIM

Issued by 3 Chinese network operators.

No Contract, Pay-as-you-go

No hidden fees, Pay-As-You-Go.

Support All Devices

Fits any unlocked devices, including smartphones, tablets and hotspots using Nano, Micro, and Standard size SIM cards.

Simple Data Package

GreatWallSIM offers lower rates than other roaming SIM cards, suitable for travel, business trips, and long-term living.

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